About Kelsey Moore

Kelsey Moore: Industrial Artist and Blacksmith

Kelsey Moore
Kelsey Moore at work

Kelsey Moore was born and raised in a remote northern Ontario community surrounded by innumerable lakes and forests. As a result, he developed an appreciation for nature’s mystery and a respect for it’s power.

His Mother Leah, aware of his artistic interests, constantly provided art materials and mediums for him to explore. An artist herself, she would share techniques and encourage a creative environment.

Although his education was plagued by daydreams and doodles, he meandered through the school system aimless. He eventually developed a passion for learning and creating, as a result has since pursued it relentlessly.

Education and interest eventually found Kelsey pursuing a variety of callings. From paddling for the Ministry of Natural Resources, acting Chef de Cuisine, CN track maintainer, Aerospace manufacturing engineer, heavy equipment operator, welding and machine shop teacher; to now blacksmith and industrial artist.

Kelsey Moore’s natural dichotomies of nature and industry, art and engineering, intellectual and physical allow him to enjoy the pursuit of his true focus. Creating custom functional pieces unique from the everyday. Consequently, something with purpose, beauty and soul.

Furthermore he painstakingly cultures and develops each creation into existence through the vision, energy and enthusiasm of each individual client. He currently resides on his small farm near the village of Millbrook Ontario, where he encourages his children with art supplies and various mediums for creating.

What’s next?

Working with many mediums on a wide variety of projects, you can see examples of his work here: his work

For a quote or to discuss ideas, brainstorming or if you just want to chat about a project more, contact Kelsey here